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What Clients Have to Say About Our Service

How We Work

Watch the following testimonials to see how The Good Samaritan Group has helped other families stop their foreclosures and keep them in
their homes.

“The best thing that ever happened to me was when I got a letter in the mail from Max Frankum. I called his phone number and talked to Max. He came over to my house and visited with my wife and me. It was such an easy and great process! Max did all the paperwork and we’re still living in our home. I would like to say thank you so much to Max Frankum and his team for helping us out!”

                                • Glen Ryan - Bedford, Texas

“Don’t let a foreclosure take your home and ruin your credit for seven long years making it very difficult, if not almost impossible, to buy a new home or car, rent an apartment, get a credit card or even a job.”

                                • Kathy Jackson - Lancaster, Texas

“I was desperate and didn’t know what to do! I had some health issues, couldn’t work, couldn’t make my mortgage payments and my house was going into foreclosure. Then, I called Max Frankum and what a difference that made! Max explained how he would help me in a way I could understand.

He took such a burden off of me! I desperately wanted to stay in my house and today I am still in my home. I just want Dr. Frankum to know how much I appreciate him. I am just so happy!!”

                                • Yvonne Gay - Crossroads, Texas

“Our home went into foreclosure. I called Max Frankum. We had a really good conversation. He was very friendly, explained all my options in detail and answered all my questions. He stopped our foreclosure the same day. We are still living in our home which makes us very happy.”

                                • Aretha King - Fort Worth, Texas

“My home was in foreclosure and scheduled to be sold at auction on Tuesday. I called Max Frankum and four hours later he was at my house and we had a solid plan that absolutely, positively stopped my foreclosure, saving not only my home but also my credit and good name.

Dr. Frankum dealt with me and my family in a fair, honest and professional manner. I would highly recommend Dr. Max Frankum to anyone with home foreclosure problems. He really knows how to get the job done!”

                                • Shirmia Artis and Tony Streater - Anna, Texas
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