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We Stop Foreclosures

Preventing Foreclosure, Saving Your Credit

Don’t let a foreclosure take your home and ruin your credit for seven long years. With the help of The Good Samaritan you do not have to lose your home or your credit!

It is not unusual to get behind on mortgage payments, especially if you have experienced financial challenges such as loss of a job or unexpected medical expenses. It happens every day. But when your home is on the brink of foreclosure, The Good Samaritan is here to save your home and your credit!

Call now for free information, free guidance and free advice on stopping your home foreclosure.


About Our Founder

Dr. Max Frankum is an emergency physician, veterinarian, and foreclosure specialist who has been married to his high school sweetheart for over 40 years.

Mission Statement

We stop foreclosures and keep families in their homes.

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